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Taylor and I are excited to get started with our photography courses. Initially there will be limited openings and will be limited openings and will be available on a 1st sign up basis.

Below is a glimpse of our new classes. There will be 5 lessons, lasting about 3 hours each. Reserve your seats now!

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Develop Your Passion – Step by Step

Most people love to take picture of their family, events, and vacations…and own a nice DSLR camera. The majority also have no idea how to get the most out of this big investment.

Cameras are complicated instruments and are usually overwhelming to understand, and even more complex to master. We have found that a high percentage of these people get bogged down by the information overload, that they settle for shooting in automatic mode due to its ease of use. We want to take you OFF automatic and into a new, unbelievable realm of creativity photography in manual mode.

Get ready to be inspired!

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