Coastal Brown Bear (Grizzly Bear)
Lake Clark, Alaska
Photo by Mark Wilkes

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The Coastal Brown Bear is actually a Grizzly bear. Grizzly’s are inland and mainly feed on berries, nuts, grubs and other things. The Coastal Brown Bear is a salmon eater…and eats a lot of it. They are actually larger because of their diet. Photographing these giants is a rush to say the least. We had a guide that would put us in position to get the shots and would also move us away from any potential danger. We have long lens'(500mm) so we don’t have to get very close but sometimes they can sneak up on you…a little too close. This female was after her lunch when I took this shot and my adrenaline was in high gear. Wildlife photography is a challenge and exhilarating to say the least. To study your subject, get yourself in the right position without intruding on your subject, and getting the photo is very satisfying. To do all this with my son is a blessing.

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